22 February 2010


Well, I have recently decided to begin blogging my life with books. I am currently studying towards my Master's Degree in Canada. Through travel, study, and life in general, books have played a very important role in helping me keep my sanity. As of late, I have read some exceptionally excellent books which have created an overwhelming urge to share them within me. I am not a fast reader, rather I savour the moment and absorb as much detail as I can manage. Language is an important element of a book to me and I enjoy fully grappling with word use and structure in each work. To start, I will back track to December and bring this blog up to date (there is no possible way I could manage to read all of these during my reading week!) Nonetheless, so as not to forget them myself, I will blog about them presently!

Please, partake in the discussion. I would be grateful for any added insight into any of these works :)

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julienne said...

i'm with you on this one, andrea: books are meant to be shared! i look forward to your posts on this blog!